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Nationwide Event Rentals

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Leading the industry since 2009, we have been excelling at bringing your visions to life! From our audio rentals and video rentals to special FX rentals, our team has all the resources to arrange and devise your creative plans. 

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have been helping set up events in the US, nationwide. We have covered events in multiple cities, hotels, venues with varying themes and satisfied customers. Our team has been working in different time zones and still maintains our next day delivery streak. 

Nationwide Event Rentals success is by our empowered team and our community built on trust, kindness, commitment, and respect. 

Why Choose Us? 

Superior Quality 

Our rentals are guaranteed by exceptional service and support, allowing them to outperform the competition. Before each rental, our licensed in-house experts clean, maintain and test our equipment to guarantee it is rig-ready for your function.


For us, our priority is to be available to our customers all the time. Once you book with us, we will be at your service before, during, and after the event. Our team is highly dedicated to each client and ensures the quality of their service and provides their expertise as needed. 

More Than A Decade Of Experience 

Our company was established in 2009, and since then we have gathered a team of professionals that are excited to create the perfect event experience for you! Applying their skills and experience, they ensure that all specialty lighting, PTZ cameras, stage decks and more are set according to your requirements. Lastly, we predict your requirements and provide solutions to the issues you may face. 

How does It work?

Step 1: Shop Our Products 

We have a variety of rental equipment that you can choose from. Whether you require simple audio and video rentals or stage and rigging rentals; we have got you covered! Browse our inventory and choose the gear that best fits your needs! 

Step 2: We Ship The Gear

Once you have chosen your gear, book your date and time with us and we’ll deliver accordingly. We offer one-day delivery as well for those closest to our warehouse. 

Step 3: Return The Gear 

Once your event has successfully commenced and been completed, you can ship our rentals back to us in the same box that we delivered! 

Our Event Rentals Available

Planning and devising an event is a hassle on its own but with our rental equipment, you won’t have to worry about bringing your ideas to life. Enjoy a dramatic entrance with our fog machines or spice up your dance floor with our LED changing lights; bringing you the experience and atmosphere that you want! 

Book your rental today to create an unforgettable event! 

Audio Rentals 

In collaboration with high-end equipment providers, our audio rentals are of the highest quality. 

The range of audio equipment we provide ensures that your audio needs will be fulfilled smoothly! The QSC16 and QSC30 are great digital mixers that are very user friendly! Both have touch screens that make naming, adding built-in effects, and adjusting eq on channels easy! On both QSC digital mixers phantom power is available and is very easy to access. For live mixing the QSC16 and QSC30 are able to be used via Ipad, where you can adjust your mix from anywhere in your event space! The biggest difference between these two digital mixers is the number of input channels, the QSC touchmix 16 has 16 analog input channels whereas the touchmix QSC 30 has 32 analog input channels. Digital audio snakes are a great way to convert audio signals to digital at your desired platform! 

Here at Nationwide Event Rentals we have a variety of microphones available! Our microphone inventory includes wired,wireless, and wireless instrument michones. Our wired microphones inventory mainly consists of the shure SM58 and the Shure Beta 58, both are dynamic vocal microphones and great for live performances or recordings! The wireless microphone we offer is the Shure QLXD4, available with a handheld microphone, a regular  lavalier microphone or a countryman lavalier. Finally our wired instrument inventory consists of Shure SM57’s, Shure KSM137,  Sennheiser E609, and SHure DMK57-53 Drum Microphone Kit. We also have a large inventory of boom stands so you can properly set up all your microphones! 

We also have equipment that can connect your laptop, IPad, or any device with an aux cord input to a mixer or directly into a speaker with just one XLR cable. 

Our speaker inventory ranges from Line array systems to portable powered speakers. The Line Array Speaker system is great for any large event. Being able to adjust the line array cabinets makes it so your audio can be sent in any direction! The portable powered speakers are great for smaller events and when put on our speaker stands, you can adjust the height to where you want! 

  • Digital Audio Mixers
  • Digital Audio Snakes
  • Wired Vocal Microphones
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired Instrument Microphones
  • DI Boxes
  • Drum Microphone Kits
  • Laptop Interfaces
  • Line Array Speaker Systems
  • Portable Powered Speakers
  • DJ Controllers
  • CDJ Rentals

Book with us today to have a musical night! 

LED Video Wall Rentals 

Beautifully placed LED walls can help you present your business ideas, play your memories on wedding anniversaries and birthdays, and create a happy environment for party nights! 

Nationwide Event rentals offers LED Video wall rentals that are perfect for many different live events! Both our indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls are great for when your audience needs a large screen to view your event on! With the Nova star LED Video wall processor you can even display your company logo, graphics or pictures on the LED Wall if you choose!   

Here is what we can provide;

  • Indoor 2.5mm LED Video Wall 
  • Outdoor 5mm LED Video Wall 
  • Virtual Production Video Wall
  • Nova star LED Video Wall Processors
  • Media Servers 

Contact us to place a booking! 

Video Rentals 

If you are planning on having a cozy movie night in your backyard, we can help you set that up! With our laser projectors and SDI cables, you can easily connect your laptop and enjoy an interruption-free movie marathon! 

Nationwide Event Rentals has everything you need for video rentals! We have a number of Bi-Directional Video converts that make it easy to connect all your video devices. With our inventory of  Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converters, Decimator MD-LX HDMI/SDI Bi-Directional converter and Decimator MD-HX HDMI/SDI Cross Converter, we have the video converters you need to make your event a success!

With our variety of projection screens we have what you need for your corporate presentation to your outdoor movie! The projection screens do require a projector that we also have available for rent! With projectors they are best used inside during the day, but once the sun goes down they are great for an outdoor movie! 

Our stock of Blackmagic switchers include the ATEM Mini Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher and the ATEM Mini Extreme ISO! Both are compact video switchers that are both great for switching live events or even live streaming events! 

We can provide you with; 

  • Laser Projectors
  • Bi-Directional Video Converters 
  • Projection Screens
  • Blackmagic Switcher Rentals
  • SDI Cables
  • Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmitters 

Camera Rentals 

Recording your special events is a great way to revisit happy memories. Hence, high-resolution pictures and videos will further enhance this experience.

Nationwide Event Rentals has many different types of cameras so you can get whatever shot you desire! If you are doing a live event we have a couple different cameras that could work for you! Our Cannon video camera can sit on a tripod where you can control it with the Libec Control and you can even put the tripod on a dolley to get motion in your shots! Another type of camera we offer is a PTZ camera, operated by a PTZ controller located at a different location than the camera. These camera pan,title, and zoom can be controlled in real time or you can create preset looks with the controller, then when the time comes all you need to do is select that preset!

Which is why we offer professional-grade; 

  • Canon Video Camera
  • Broadcast Cameras
  • PTZ Cameras
  • PTZ Controllers
  • Libec Control
  • Video Tripods

Lighting Rentals 

Nationwide Event Rentals has a variety of lighting for rental. Our IP65 fixture is great for outdoor events, with waterproof power and DMX. These are great for outdoor events so you don’t have to worry about weather! Along with the IP65 our inventory also includes moving lights! These are great for concerts and corporate events that want to add some movement to their lighting! Finally we also offer uplighting that can add an upscale look to any event! 

The mood of the event is set through lighting. Low, dim lights can create a cozy, comfortable, homey vibe while bright lights can create a party mood. With our following lightings, you can ensure that the mood is set according to the event requirement. 

  • IP65 Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Moving Lights
  • Specialty Lighting

Atmospheric Effect Rentals 

Creating an atmosphere can help set the mood for your visitors and audience. A children’s birthday party or a pool party calls for a bubble machine. A bride’s entrance can be converted into a fairytale with a fog machine.

Nationwide Event Rentals  has a variety of atmospheric effects that can take your event to the next level! With hazers and fog machines you can create an atmosphere that can accentuate your lighting or make an ominous atmosphere. We also have low lying fog machines, where the fog will stay close to the ground and not dissipate as quickly as haze.

Hence, we provide;       

  • Hazers 
  • Fog Machines
  • Low Lying Effects
  • Bubble Machines

Also check out our friends at Special FX’s Rentals for more atmospheric or other effects.

Staging Rentals 

For the stars of the event, a stage can help them set apart from the crowd and can make them more visible to the audience. This is especially a necessity for weddings, inaugurations, achievement celebrations and more. 

Our company offers stage decks and mobile stages to fit the needs of your event requirement.

Power Distribution Rentals 

Nationwide Event Rentals offers everything for your power needs! The inventory we have includes power distros, A/C cables, and feeder cable! We also offer generator rentals for larger events! 

All your equipment is dependent on one thing only; power. To ensure that your power is up and running and there isn’t an electricity shortage to fuel your rental equipment, you will need; 

  • Power Distros
  • A/C Cables
  • Generators
  • Feeder Cable

Book them now to ensure a smooth-running occasion! 

Rigging Rentals 

Nationwide Event Rentals has everything you need for rigging! With our 5ft,8ft, and 10ft truss sticks we have all the trussing you need! We can also provide span sets, shackles, and CM motors you can rig at your event! We also have bass plates so you can ground stack your trussing instead of rigging, if your event space doesn’t have rigging points! Our rigging rentals can ensure that your décor, equipment, and lighting is tightly held to prevent any mishaps.

  • Shackles ​
  • Box Truss
  • Pre-Rigged Truss
  • CM Motors
  • Motor Control

Lighting Tower Rentals 

Our lighting towers can light up huge areas and make it seem like the day even during nighttime. 

Special FX Rentals

Check out our sister company for all of your Special FX needs!