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Lighting Rentals Information

Nationwide Event Rentals® is one of the world’s largest lighting rental providers. Our products are the most trusted and reliable rentals across the United States.  We offer intelligent lighting, moving head lights, lekos, Uplights, spot lights and much more.

We are the nation’s #1 Lighting rental company

At Nationwide Event Rentals, we offer exceptional customer service and top quality brands including, Chauvet, Martin, Highend Systems and more! Regardless of your event’s needs, we’ll help you choose the right fixture.

Lighting can be used for a variety of events

  • In conferences lighting can be used to make sure your audience can property seen the stage
  • Corporate Events- lighting can add an upscale element with just a few uplights 
  • Concerts- lighting can be used to make a performance more fascinating and exciting 
  • Lighting rentals can also be used for other live productions, videos, and more!

Light rentals for any occasion

We have light rentals that ensure your event will be lit properly or give your audience a show they won’t forget! With trusted quality brands we can guarantee that your lights will look professional and sharp at your event! 

Here are just a few fixtures that we offer: 

  • High End Systems SolaFrame 3000 LED
  • Martin MAC Viper Profile
  • Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Spot
  • ROBE MegaPointe
  • And Many More! 

Why You Should Choose Nationwide Event Rentals For Your Next Lighting Rental  

  • One-point-of-contact to coordinate all the details
  • Next-day or same-day equipment delivery
  • Local expert technicians
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Moving light rentals for any occasion! Rent moving lights online in just a few minutes!

    • Aryton Rental Fixtures
      • Ayrton Huracan LT
      • Ayrton Perseo Beam – IP65 Rated
      • Ayrton MagicDot-R
    • Chauvet Rental Fixtures
      • Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Spot
      • Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Wash
      • Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Spot
      • Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Wash
      • Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 BeamWash
      • Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash – IP65 Rated
      • Chauvet Professional Color STRIKE M – IP65 Rated
    • Elation Rental Fixtures
      • Elation Artiste Picasso LED
      • Elation Proteus Hybrid – IP65 Rated
      • Elation Proteus Maximus – IP65 Rated
      • Elation Proteus Lucius – IP65 Rated
      • Elation Artiste Mondrian
      • Elation Artiste Rembrandt
      • Elation Fuze Wash 575
      • Elation Dartz 360
      • Elation SMARTY MAX
      • Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme
      • Elation Prisma Wash 25 (IP65)
      • Elation Proteus Rayzor (IP65)
    • HighEnd Systems Rental Fixtures
      • High End Systems SolaFrame 3000 LED
      • High End Systems SolaSpot 3000 LED
      • High End Systems SolaFrame 1000 LED
      • High End Systems SolaFrame 750 LED
      • High End Systems Lonestar
    • ROBE Rental Fixtures
      • ROBE MegaPointe
      • ROBE Robin Pointe
      • ROBE BMFL Blade
      • ROBE BMFL WashBeam
      • ROBE Spiider
      • ROBE Robin Spikie
      • Robe BMFL Followspot
    • GLP Rental Fixtures
      • GLP Impression FR1
      • GLP Impression X4
    • Martin Rental Fixtures
      • Martin MAC Viper Performance
      • Martin MAC Viper Wash DX
      • Martin MAC Viper Profile 
      • Martin MAC Quantum Profile

The process is simple, choose the date you need the gear and we’ll ship the order to arrive by the day you select. All Lighting Rentals will be shipped so you receive it for the dates you chose!




Browse our inventory until you find the perfect gear.



We’ll ship your order to arrive on the day you ask to receive it.



Return the equipment in the same box on the day your rental ends.

EVENT LIGHTING equipment rental locations

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore, Maryland
Boston, Massachusetts
Charlotte, NC
Cleveland, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Denver, Colorado
Detroit, Michigan
Kansas City, Missouri
Key West, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
Louisville, Kentucky
Memphis, Tennessee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nashville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Portland, Oregon
Puerto Rico
Savannah, Georgia
Seattle, Washington
Tampa, Florida
Tucson, Arizona
Washington DC

Arlington, Texas
Austin, Texas
Cape Coral, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Clearwater, Florida
Dallas, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacksonville, Florida
Long Beach, California
Los Angeles, California
Miami, Florida
Oakland, California
Orlando, Florida
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
Sacramento, California
San Antonio, Texas
San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
San Jose, California
St Petersburg, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

Nationwide Event Rentals® Offers nationwide EVENT rentals